Thomas Pohoralek

and the team

As an enthusiastic runner, I have been dreaming of organizing an event for ages. I have been training on and around Cobenzl and Kahlenberg for more than ten years, which has made me appreciate the demanding and varied trails. The fact that there is a lack of trail contests in Vienna and its surroundings, my enthusiasm for Cobenzl and Kahlenberg and my experience gathered in numerous contests (marathon, triathlon and trail runs) have inspired me to take on this project of “Vienna Trail Run”.

A project like this cannot be shouldered by one person. I am happy to say I can rely on my team comprised of great and varied experience (marketing, management, sport science), and we are aiming at making this a great contest together.

f.l.t.r. Georg Weitl, Beate Steinhauser, Thomas Pohoralek, Viki Steinhauser, Nicole Schmid