Vienna Trail Run

By handing in the signed disclaimer, the participants confirm their consent to the regulations and behavioral code in the contest.

It is stated explicitly that the trail covers rough terrain (woods, forest roads, paths with roots protruding) and runners are aware of the risk of injury involved. Participation is at one’s own risk.


Claims for damages to the organizer, his assistants or delegates, the property owners, all communities concerned and other persons or corporate bodies or third parties commissioned by the organizer, irrespective of legal basis, are excluded.

Runners from 14 years of age onwards are eligible. Contestants take part at their own risk. With the start the participants issue a mandatory declaration that there are no reservations as to their health and fitness in regard to the challenges of a contest demanding endurance. The organizer reserves the right to deny entry and to  disqualify contestants, due to medical concerns, at any time.

Participants who commission third parties, e.g. emergency services are responsible for any and all costs incurred and the organizer reserves the right to charge the costs incurred to the contestant.

Every participant is responsible for their correct equipment. Apt footwear (trail shoes) is recommended, but not obligatory. All participants are subject to StVO (road traffic regulations). No liability is assumed for theft or other cases of damage. The participant agrees that all visual and audio recordings made in the course of the event may be published and put to commercial use by the organizer.

Pieces of sports equipment such as race wheel chairs, handbikers and baby-joggers are not allowed. In case of unforeseen incidents (e.g. extreme weather conditions, imminent danger, acts of terror, etc.) the event is cancelled. There will be no refund of entrance fees by or claims asserted to the organizer.

By consenting to Our General terms and Conditions the contestant confirms having read the disclaimer attentively and comprehended it.

The English disclaimer is for your information only! It is not legally valid! Only the German version is legally valid!